dog Barrow Hill Vets Ashford
Q: I have an emergency outside of surgery times, what should I do?
A: Call the normal number for the surgery you use, or the Ashford hospital directly. Please ring 01233 624687.

Q: It is outside normal hours and I would like the vet to visit me at home.
A: Except in exceptional circumstances this is not possible. In order to provide the high levels of care for our patients, it is not practical for the nurse to leave the in-patients unattended. Nor is it viable for a vet to be some distance from the practice and unable to deal with other emergencies. We have a list of phone numbers from local taxi firms who will transport animals, should you need them.

Q: Will I see the same vet when I come in each time?
A: If you would like to see a specific vet just ask when booking your appointment. They are occasionally allowed holidays though!

Q: Do you recommend pet insurance?
A: Yes. Advances in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery are occuring almost daily, but these changes come at a price. In depth investigations, even using MRI scanners, can result in large bills so insurance can remove one of the worries whilst your pet is ill. Alternatively some of our clients, who have many pets, give them their own savings account, for a rainy day!

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, debit & credit cards, as well as cheques and cash as payment for our services.